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Carnivorous plant Growers: (Webpage of Joachim, specializing in Nepenthes) (Webpage of Tom’s Carnivores, specializing in Nepenthes) (Webpage of Ries van Ool, Eindhoven)

Carnivorous plant Societies: (Carnivora workgroup, the Dutch society for Carnivorous Plants, newsletter 3x a year) (Carnivorous Plants United Kingdom Society, newsletter 4x a year, journal once a year) (Drosera, the Belgium CP society) (Carnivoren, the German CP society) (International Carnivorous Plant Society based in the United States, journal 4x a year) (ICPS Carnivorous Plant FAQ, lots of information on CP's)

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Other: Meadowview Biological Station - supporting the Joseph Pines Preserve - a 78 acre reserve in Virginia, USA aimed at the restoration and preservation of Virginia’s imperiled longleaf pine-pitcher plant ecosystem. (Rainwater tank supplier in England) (Agro BV; dutch growing accessoiries) ( second-hand sales / wanted) (second-hand sales / wanted) (Static and rolling greenhouse benching / kweektafel) (second-hand (rainwater) tanks) (dutch, Serralux greenhouses, polytunnels and trays) (Belgian company, Serralux greenhouses and polytunnels, english version)

Vos Cappelle sells turf and perlite:
Lettischer WeiBtorf
(and on the back Sphagnumtorf, pH: 2,5-3,5 )
(there are no additives in it, just peat made from rotted sphagnum moss)
And the perlite bag says:
Agra-Perliet     RHP
steriel en inert
pH neutraal
Brinkman by Zaltbommel also sells the perliet, see:
They also sell turf (tuinturf), but only in lorry loads of 63m3 !



No plants are collected from the wild. All propagation is done artificially from division, rhizome cuttings or seed from artificially grown plants.
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