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Grow List Febuary 2010

Plant varities are listed in the form:
Clone number, Variety, Description, Named location, Origin and Date (aquired or planted as seed).

Sarracenia varieties

Sarracenia alata

SA1, alata, Maroon throat, MV 2002.
SA2, alata, red lid, tall bulbous pitchers, AL06 RvL 2004.
SA3, alata, Seed from CPS seed bank 2002.
SA4, alata, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SA5, alata, typical, SL 2005, seed from CPS.
SA6, alata black tube, De Soto Louisiana. NO 2005.
SA7a/b/c, alata black tube, very tall, GH 2005.
SA8, alata red lid, 76cm tall, MK 2005.
SA9, alata, lid and throat turns deep red/purple, Bert Blezer 2001, AL05 RvL 2005.
SA10, alata, giant, green, very pubescent White's Crossing, Stone Co, Mississippi, A04 PW2002, AL04 RvL 2005.
SA11, alata, green, lightly veined, wavy Lid, PW A11 2002, AL03 RvL 2005.
SA12, alata, red throat, heavy veining in interior, Carniflora 2005.
SA13, alata, Jackson Co., by highway no.10, border with Alabama, MS, USA, S4b Best CP 2004.
SA14, alata 'Areolata', Texas Location, 45-60cm high, faint areoles in threar of the neck and hood, AL02 PJ-Plants 2004.
SA15, alata, AL01 RvL 2005.
A2, Red lidded, introgressed hybrid with S. leucophylla, Yellow flowers, whitish pitcher tops, MK 2005.
A2, Red lid, introgressed hybrid with S. leucophylla, Yellow flowers, whitish pitcher tops,
A2 MK 2003, AL15 RvL 2005.
A9, White flowered form, (PM), MK 2005.
A12A, Angelina Co., large robust pitchers, with light veining in throat, vigorous (WS), MK 2004.
A15, Heavily veined form, Desoto National Forest (W), (A8 JA), MK 2004.
A15b, Heavily veined, Desoto State Forest Park, Mississippi. (W) (JA A8, MK A15), AL13 RvL 2005.
A18, Yellow flowers, Citronelle Ala. (W), MK 2005.
A19, Pale flower, Citronelle, Alaabama, (W) (JA A8, MK A19), AL11 RvL 2005.
A20, Heavily veined, Red Lid, Stone County, (W) (AP), MK 2005.
A21, Heavy veined, red lid and throat. Perry County, (W), MK 2005.
A25, Bueregard, Louisiana. Lightly veined large pitchers (W) (A3, JA), MK 2005.
A25, light veined large pitchers, Bueregard, Louisiana, W (JA A3), MKing A25 2003, AL10 RvL 2005.
A26, Red lid, very tall strong olive green pitchers, going darker by Autumn, throat black, MK 2005.
A27, Black tube, De Soto, W, (A2, JA)(Adrian Fawcett), MK 2006.
A30, Red/black, White's Crossing, Desoto SF,WS(A20 PW), MK 2008.
A31, Giant green, Stone Co, Mississippi, W (PW), MK 2007.
A33, Jackson Co, hooded form,Ms WS(PW), MK 2008.
A34, Light veined pubescent form, Citronelle, Alabama. (WS) (PW/ MK A34), AL12 RvL 2005.
A37, Maroon throat, shows introgression with S. leucophylla, (MV), MK 2006.
A39, Purple tube, Desoto, WS, (MS), MK 2007.
A40, Heavy vein/flushed red, red lid Desoto, WS, (MS), MK 2006.
A46, Tall pitchers with red lid and red upper tube, Stone County, Alabama, (WS) (MS/ MK A46), AL09 RvL 2005.
A47, Tall green pitchers, no veining, (not anthocyanin free), West Louisiana,
A47 MK 2003, AL08 RvL 2005.
A49, Heavily veined, (AM), MK 2006.
A50, Maroon throat, red lid, (AM), MK 2007.
A51, Southwest Carnivorousplant Giant, Angelina Co. Texas, (A51 MK 2003), AL16 RvL 2005.

Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea

F27A, var. atropurpurea 'All red form', Blackwater SF., W, (PW F3), MK 2005.
F27B, var. atropurpurea 'All red form', Blackwater, W, (AP), MK 2006.
F27C, var. atropurpurea 'All red form', Blackwater, W, (JA), MK 2006.
F27D, var. atropurpurea 'All red form', Blackwater, FL, W,(F62 PM), MK 2007.
F56, var. atropurpurea, All red, Wewahitchka, Clone 1, W,(SM), MK 2008.
F174, var. atropurpurea, (Marston Exotics 1999), MK 2006.
SFa1, var. atropurpurea, P&J Plants2003, SFa01 Langley 2007.
SFa2, var. atropurpurea, Apalachicola NF., FL, MK 2007.
SFa3, var. atropurpurea, Carniflora 2005.
var. atropurpurea, All Red N45 SWCP at Chelsea 2008.

Sarracenia flava var. cuprea

SFC1, flava var. cuprea, Veined throat patch, coppertop (F69 MK). NO 2005.
SFC2, flava var. cuprea, (HL) YV 2005.
SFC3, flava var. cuprea, Green Swamp, NC., Openday MK 2005.
SFC4, flava var. cuprea, copper lid, purple throat, JJ 2006.
F8, var. cuprea, Copper top, Green Swamp, W, (F7 JA), MK 2006.
F60, var. cuprea, MK 2005.
F93, var. cuprea, copper brown lid, red throat, W,(F5 JA), MK 2008.
F109, var. cuprea, Selfed cv ‘Maxima’, same pitcher shape and veining as cv ‘Maxima’, but copper topped as well, MK 2005.
F125, var. cuprea, Potterton & Martin clone, (Steve Morley), MK 2006.
F153, var. cuprea,  very large form, Phil Sheridan, MK 2008.

Sarracenia flava var. flava

SFF1, flava, (labeled as ‘Red veined’, but not very), MV 2002.
SFF2, flava (SF2), MV 2002.
SFF3, flava, Seed from CPS seed bank 2002.
SFF4, flava, var. flava, FL04 RvL 2004.
SFF5, flava, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SFF6, flava var. Apalachicola N.F., dark red tube, MK 2004.
SFF7, flava var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola N.F., heavy veining/ red tube, MK 2004.
SFF8a/b/c/d, flava, seed labelled flava 'Maxima', seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SFF9, flava var. flava, Marston Exotics (SL 2005).
SFF10, flava hybrid, tall at 32 inches, Marston Exotics (SL 2005).
SFF11, flava very tall, robust pictures, formerly called maxima. NO 2005.
SFF12, flava var rugelii, faint throat patch, Carniflora 2004.
SFF13, flava var rubricorpora, heavily veined on outside of tube, with red/orange flowers, Carniflora 2004.
SFF14, flava var ornata, Carniflora 2004.
SFF15, flava var flava, Honeysuckle Lane, Hurleyville, S. Carolina, YV 2005.
SFF16, flava ‘Heavy veined’, KN 2005.
SFF17, flava, Green Swamp, Brunswick Co., NC, USA, S7b Best CP 2004.
SFF18, flava, Apalachicola N.F, Wakulla Co., FL, USA, S7c Best CP 2004.
var. flava, very large plant, North Carolina, F45 ST 2007.
F4, var. flava, Shand`s Bog, VA, WS, MK 2006.
F5, var. flava, Dahlia bog, Virginia, Tall slender pitchers to 3 feet tall, (W) (F9 JA), MK 2004/2005.
F6, var. flava, Dinwiddie, Virginia, (W) (JA F10, MKing F6), 2003, FL38 RvL 2005.
F9, var. flava cv ‘Marston Dwarf’, John Watson, FL52 RvL 2005.
F11a, flava var. flava ‘Maxima’, Adrian Slack cultivar, MK 2004.
F11b, flava c.v. 'Maxima', Adrian Slack cultivar, (ffl02) PJ-Plants 2004.
{F11c, var. flava cv 'Maxima'.]
F32, var. flava, Very large form (see picture from SF47 AS), NC, (WS) (PW), MK 2005.
F80, var. flava, "Chris Walker" 1986, MK 2005.
F150, var. flava, "Lightly veined giant", (F29 PM), MK 2008.
F158, var. flava,  Andrew Marshall, MK 2008.
F188, var. flava, Giant, Alastair Culham, Reading University, MK 2007.

Sarracenia flava var. maxima

SFM3, flava var. maxima, (FL01) RvL, 2004
SFM4, flava var. maxima all green, very tall, National Collection 125, NO 2005.
SFM5, flava var. maxima, 'All Green Giant', N. Carolina, (JoA) SF25 AS 2005.
SFM6, flava 'Yellow Trumpet', (JuJ) SF03 AS 2005.
F1, var. maxima, Green form, North Carolina, W (F1 JA), MK 2006.
F3, var. maxima, Green form, Tall (3ft), MK 2006.
F91, var. maxima, Large green form, light vein., North Carolina, (W) (JA F12/ MK F91), FL40 RvL 2005.
F155, var. maxima, Green pitcher, large. or var. flava (SM clone 1, large lemon green pitcher), MK 2004.
F193, var. maxima, Sussex Co. VA, W, MK 2007.
F194, var. maxima, Green Swamp, NC, W (AF), MK 2006.

Sarracenia flava var. ornata

SFO1, var. ornata, N. Carolina, giant heavily veined form, 90-100cm high, PJ-Plants 2004.
SFO2, var. ornata, heavy veined, Apalachacola, N. Florida, SF010 Hampshire CP 2004.
SFO3, var. ornata, Apalachacola, NF, MK 2005.
SFO4, var. ornata, Sandy Creek, 2nd site, MK 2007.
SFO5, var. ornata, Large/Giant form, 2007.
F28, var. ornata, Apalachicola, W,(AH), MK 2007. - cannot find!
F31, var. ornata, Very heavily veined, Gulf Coast,W,(F17 JA), MK 2008.
F33, var. ornata, very fine heavy veins, Green Swamp, NC, W, MK 2006.
F35, var. ornata, Apalachicola National forest, MKing 2005.
F35, var. ornata, Gulf Coast. Heavy veins, Apalachicola, W, (AH), MK 2006.
F37, var. ornata, Heavy veined giant, Apalachicola, WS, (PW), MK 2006 and
F42, var. ornata, Wewahitchka, W,(F87 JA), MK 2007.
F46, var. ornata, Stocky, large lid and medium veins. Apalachicola National forest (W), MK 2005.
F63, var. ornata/rubricorpora integrade, very elegant tall pitchers, Marston Exotics 1992, MK 2005.
F67, var. ornata, Red form, Holley FL., (W) Heavily veined plant which reddens up close to being a red tube. (F25 JA), MK 2005.
F67, var. ornata Red form, Holley Fla., W, (F25 JA), MK 2007.
F73, var. ornata, (W) (F48 JA), MK 2005.
F78, var. ornata, Pender Co, North Carolina, W, MK 2006.
F86, var. ornata, Cooks Carnivorous Plants, MK 2006.
F99, var. ornata, Medium vein, red throat, Apalachicola, W (F21, JA), MK 2006.
F101, var. ornata, Sandy creek rd, (WS) Heavily veined form, (MS), MK 2005.
F142, var. ornata CV 'maxima' x Vigorous Clone 1, Steve Morley, MK 2006.
F148, var. ornata, Bay County Very heavily veined,WS,(F043 PW), MK 2007.
F198, var. ornata, Heavily veined inner lid and deep coloured throat markings, (MB), MK 2005.
F170B, var. ornata, Sandy Creek Rd, 2nd site, Fla., (WS) (integrade with S.flava var. rugelii), MK 2007.
F176N, var. ornata, Sandy Creek Rd, 2nd site, Fla, (WS) deep venation, MK 2007.

Sarracenia flava var. rubricorpora

SFRb2, flava  ‘Red Burgundy’, (JuJ) SF04 AS 2005.
SFRb3, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola NF, FL, SF65or66 AS 2005.
SFRb4, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola NF., MK 2005.
SFRb5, var. rubricorpora, Red tube giant (Sumatra), JJ 2006.
SFRb6,  var. rubricorpora, red tube, Apalachicola, FL, planted in 2001. NO 2005.
F19, var. rubricorpora, Red tube, Apalachicola, W, (AH), MK 2006.
F20, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, rugelii style throat patch, (W) (Andrew Cameron, MK F20), FL24 RvL 2005.
F20, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, (W) (F37, JA), MK 2005.
F21, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, W, (F42, JA), MK 2006.
F22, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, var. rugellii style throat patch, W, (Andrew Cameron), MK 2006.
F23, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, (W) (AH), MK 2005.
F24, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, W, (Ex Dave Richardson), MK 2006.
F25c, var. rubricorpora cv. 'Claret', The other famous red tube described in Adrian Slack's 2nd book. This particular plant clone came from Mike Brooks. MK 2005.
F25, var. rubricorpora cv. ‘Claret’, MK 2005.
F25B, var. rubricorpora cv 'Claret'. The real one - Plant obtained directly from Marston Exotics by Ray Cole in 1987, MK 2007.
F26, var. rubricorpora cv. ‘Burgundy’, (A Slack) MK 2005.
F26b, var. rubricorpora cv. ‘Burgundy’, NO 2005.
F30, var. rubricorpora, very dark, North Carolina, (WS) (F30 MK 2003), FL28 RvL 2006.
F30, var. rubricorpora, Liberty Co, Fla (Very Dark), MK 2006.
F39, var. rubricorpora, Wewahitchka, W,(F99 JA),starts off like var. ornata, but reddens to red tube. Very strong throat patch, MK 2007.
F44, var. rubricorpora, Purple tube, Milton, W, (PW), MK 2007.
F45, var. rubricorpora, Purple tube, Milton, FL, WS, Very dark, especially in throat, MK 2005.
F65, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, W, Ian Langford, MK 2006.
F66, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, W,(MS), MK F66, MB 2005 / MK 2006.
F71, var. rubricorpora, Giant Red Tube, W, (F41 JA), MK 2006.
F75, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, W,(F56 JA), MK 2007.
F76, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola National Forest, (W). (F36 JA), MK 2005.
F77, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, W,(F60 JA), MK 2008.
F82 var. rubricorpora, red tube, Holley, Florida, W (F36A Paul McKeown/ F82 MK 2003), FL20 RvL 2005.
F97, var. rubricorpora, Giant red tube, Apalachicola, W,(F14 JA), MK 2007.
F108, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red, W,(AH CL1), MK 2007.
F110, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red tube, W (PM F39A), MK 2006.
F111, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red tube, W(PM F39B), MK 2007.
F112, var. rubricorpora, Apalachicola, Giant red tube, W(PM F39C), MK 2007.
F124, var. rubricorpora, Don Schnell, (JA), MK 2007.

F126, var. rubricorpora, Purple/maroon tube. Tall pitchers in a deep colour. Plant acquired from Dave Richardson. (maybe same clone as F108 MK), MK 2005.
F161, var. rubricorpora, Red tube, Apalachicola National Forest Park, FL. (W) (JA F58), FL55 RvL 2005 and MK 2005.

Sarracenia flava var. rugelii

SFRg1, var. rugelii, (Cresco) YV 2005.
F7 var. rugelii, Ben Hill County, Georgia, WS, F7 MK 2003, FL30 RvL 2005.
F14A, var. rugelii, Giant form, Sumatra, Apalachicola, (W) (AH), MK 2005.
F14B, var. rugelii, Apalachicola Giant form, W, (F16 JA), MK 2006.
F16, var. rugelii, Milton, W, (F68 JA), FL32 RvL 2005.
F17, var. rugelii, Copper tinged in early growth. 1 plant discovered near Milton, Florida has a copper tint to the emerging growth and young opened pitchers(W). (F63 JA), MK 2004, 2005.
F18, var. rugelii, Giant robust clone, (PM), MK 2005.
F48, var. rugelii, Clone 1, Milton, FL. (W), MK 2005.
F49, var. rugelii, Clone 2, displaying broad veins on inside of lid. Very attractive. Milton, FL. (W), MK 2004, 2005.
F50, var. rugelii, Clone 3, Milton, FL. (W). One of the plants rescued from a bog that was in the process of destruction. Plant has a vertical line of colour in the mid rib. MK 2005.
F50b, var. rugelii, MK Clone 3, Duncan 2005.
F51, var. rugelii, 'Elegant`, Stan Lampard. Tall slender pitchers and large lid. MK 2005.
F52, var. rugelii, Clone 5, Milton, FL. (W), MK 2005.
F53, var. rugelii, Clone 6, Milton, FL.,
(W), MK 2005 / 2008.
F59, var. rugelii  large pitcher, Milton, Fla, Pat Barnes ,W,(F36,MS), MK 2007.
F72, var. rugelii, Giant form, large lid (F38 JA), has red edge to lid, MK 2005.
F100, var. rugelii, Large form, Apalachicola National Forest, (WS) Tall pitchers with an unusual narrowing of upper pitcher. (AH), MK 2004/2005.
F103, var. rugelii, "Gulf Coast", Potterton & Martin, MK 2007.
F138, var. rugelii, Giant, Sumatra, Apalachicola, WS, (F61 PW), MK 2006.
F140A, var. rugelii, Telogia, FL., (WS), MK 2006.
F143, var. rugelii, Giant pitcher opening and lid, Reading University, Alastair Culham, MK 2005.
F157, var. rugelii, Big lip giant, (W) (AM), MK 2005.
F159, var. rugelii, Large, (Marston Exotics /
F159 MK 2004), FL73 RvL 2006.
F165C, var. rugelii, Cooks Bayou, FL., (WS), MK 2005.
F175A, var. rugelii, Crestview, Fla, (WS), MK 2007.

Sarracenia leucophylla

SL1, leucophylla, (red / white coloration), Sarracenia Nurseries 1993.
SL2, leucophylla, (red / white coloration), MV 2002.
SL3, leucophylla, Seed from CPS seed bank 1999.
SL4, leucophylla, Yellow flower, Perdido, Alabama, Seed from CPS seed bank 2003.
SL5, Giant leucophylla, white, red veins, Baldwin Co., AL., SL003 Hampshire CP 2004.
SL6, white top, Baldwin Co., AL., Hampshire CP 2004.
SL7, leucophylla, Milton Florida, green form, (L01, Slack, typical form on label) PJ-Plants 2004.
SL8, leucophylla, tall form, Carniflora 2004.
SL9, leucophylla, tall form, Carniflora 2004.
SL10, leucophylla, A11 GH 2005.
SL11, leucophylla 'Alba', white form, GH 2005.
SL12, leucophylla, (BB?/ LE01 RVL) YV 2005.
SL13, leucophylla, (LE03 RVL) YV 2005.
L1, green & white, Citronelle, Alabama, W (AH), MK L1 2003, LE14 RvL 2005.
red & white, Carniflora, 2001, L02 RvL 2005.
L2, Stocky white top, Citronelle, AL, (PW), MK 2006.
L4 ‘Schnells Ghost’, Yellow flowered form, W,(AP), MB 2005 / MK 2006.
L5B, Avalon Beaches, Florida, (WS), (PW), MK 2004.
L7, Pubescent form, Perdido, Alabama, (W) (AH/ MK L7), LE22 RvL 2005.
L12A, Purple & white, giant Autumn pitcher, Deer Park, AL. (W), MK 2007.
L13, White top, green veins, Perdido, AL,W, MK 2007.
L19, Purple and white giant form, Route 71, Nr Altha, N.Florida, W,(AH), MK 2008.
L20, leucophylla, very tall form, Baldwin Co, W (MS /
L20 MK 2003), LE24 RvL 2006.
L20A, Baldwin Co, W, (MS), MK 2006.
L26, Green & white, Pubescent, Pat Barnes, MK 2007.
L31, Red and white. Very robust long lasting Autumn pitchers, large stocky pitcher, red lip. (AP), MK 2005.
L38, Pubescent form, Citronelle, AL. (W) (PW), MK 2005.
L41, Red & white, Citronelle, W, AL, (PW), MK 2008.
L42, Yellow flower, Citronelle, (W) (
L10 PM), MK 2005.
L43, Pink upper tube, red veins, Martin Cheek (Steve Morley) , MK 2007.
L45, Green & white top, Perdido, AL., W, (SM), MK 2007.
L46A, Green, anthocyanin free Bill Scholl, MK 2006.
L47, 'Cronus' (Titan TM), (Botanique), MK 2005.
L48A, Hot pink Selections 1, Botanique, MK 2008.
L55, `Tarnok’ (W). Mutant flower form, MK 2005.
L64, Red & white, red lip, Stocky autumn pitchers. Plant brought into the UK by Dave Taylor in the 1970s. MK 2005.
L77A, Giant, (DC), MK 2007.
L77B, Giant, (DC), MK 2007.
L77C, Giant, (DC), MK 2007.

Sarracenia minor

SM1, minor, MV 2002.
SM2, minor, "Okefenokee", MV 2002.
SM3, minor, Seed from CPS seed bank 2002.
SM4, minor, Okefenokee giant, Seed from CPS seed bank 2003.
SM5, minor, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SM7, minor, grown from wild collected seed, Waycross. NO 2005.
SM8, minor, (Cresco) YV 2005.
SM9, minor, Carniflora 2006.
SM10, minor, direction to Waycross, Brantley Co., GA, USA, S6i Best CP 2004.
SM11, minor var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Swamp, giant form, Charlton Co., GA, USA, S6m Best CP 2004. M1, Fargo, WS (PW), MK 2005.
M5, var. okefenokeensis, F1(AH), MK 2006.
M7, var. okefenokeensis (AH F3), M7 MK 2004, MI07 RvL 2005.
M9, var. okefenokeensis Clone 1, WS, (PW), M9 MKing, 2004, MI08 RvL 2005 / MK 2006.
M8, var. okefenokeensis, Lois Glass, MK 2006.
M10, var. okefenokeensis, Clone 2, WS, (PW), MK 2006.
M15, var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant South, MK 2008.
M16, minor var. okefenokeensis, Okefenokee Giant, North East, MK 2005.
M21, Typical, Waycross, GA, WS (PM), MK 2006.
M23, Lake Okeechobee, Florida, (AM), MK 2007.

Sarracenia oreophila

SO1, oreophila, OR01 RvL 2004.
SO2a/b, oreophila, Seed from CPS seed bank 2002.
SO3, oreophila, Sand Mt. form, Georgia, bushy, 60cm high, rare, O.03 PJ-Plants 2004.
SO4, Dave Taylor Clone, (O4) MK 2004.
SO5, oreophila, lightly veined with copper tint to lid, Sarracenia Nurseries / Chelsea 2004.
SO6, oreophila, heavily veined, (ME) JV 2006.
SO7, Heavy veined clone1, Sand Mountain, Alabama, (W) (PW OR18), OR09 RvL 2005.
SO8, oreophila, v. lightly veined, Carniflora 2004.
SO9, oreophila, medium veining, GH 2005.
SO10, oreophila, seedlings, 2004.
O5, oreophila, De Kalb Co., AL, MK 2005.
O7, Sand Mountain, W, (O13, JA), MK 2006.
O9, oreophila, Giant, NE Georgia, (W) (PM), MK 2005.

Sarracenia psittacina

SPs1, psittacina, tissue culture, garden centre Staines 1997.
SPs2, psittacina, Carniflora 2003.
SPs3, psittacina, Seed from CPS seed bank 2002.
SPs5, psittacina, Very vigorous Dutch TC 2001, PS01 RvL 2005.
SPs6, psittacina, De Soto NF, NNW of Biloxi, Harrison Co., MS, USA, S3g Best CP 2004.
PS3, Orange flower, Wewahitchka, W (PW), MK 2005.
PS19, `BL` site, collected originally from the same site as F157. Large red pitchers, W. (AM), MK 2004.

Sarracenia purpurea subsp. purpurea

[SPP1, purpurea, Rosmalen nursery 1999.]
SPP2, purpurea ssp. purpurea, Seed from CPS seed bank 1999.
SPP5, purpurea ssp. purpurea, purple, Carniflora 2006.
SPP6, purpurea ssp. purpurea, purple, Marl Bog Form, Canada, ST 2007.
SPP7, f. heterophylla, Totally all green plant with no red pigmentation. Yellow flowers. HC CP 2007.
[PP1, f. heterophylla, Totally all green plant with no red pigmentation. Yellow flowers. MK 2004.]
PP3, Intergrade, Pakim Pond, NJ, WS, MK 2007.
PP5, Prosque Island, Canada,WS(AP), MK 2007.
PP6, Very vigorous form, plants become multicrowned in a short time, W, Ireland. (Eric Binstead), MK 2004.
PP11, Michigan, WS, (MS), MK 2007.
PP17, Deep red/Purple pitchers, Roscommon, Eire, W, (S.Morley), MK 2007.
PP19, Roscommon, Eire, W. Large grower with green pitchers with strong red veins. (Vic Brown), MK 2004.

Sarracenia purpurea subsp. venosa

SPV1, purpurea, ssp. venosa, MV 2002.
SPV2, purpurea, ssp. venosa var. Burkii or ‘Louise Burke’ with burgandy/pink-cream flowers, MV 2002.
SPV3, purpurea ssp. venosa, dark purple, AL GH 2005.
SPV4, purpurea ssp. venosa, (HL) YV 2005.
SPV5, purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii, Apalachicola NF, near Sumatra, Liberty Co., FL, USA, S5j Best CP 2004.
SPV6, purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii, near Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL, USA, S5l Best CP 2004.
SPV7, purpurea ssp. venosa, Bert Blezer 2001, PU04 RvL 2005 (furry venosa not purpurea).
SPV8, purpurea, ssp. venosa, Seed from SPV7.
PV9, purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii, (Pat Barnes), MK PV9 2003, PV08 RvL 2005.

Sarracenia rubra subsp. alabamensis

SRA1, rubra ssp. alabamensis, MV 2002.
SRA2, rubra ssp. alabamensis, Seed from CPS seed bank 1999.

Sarracenia rubra subsp. gulfensis

SRG1, rubra ssp. gulfensis, large form, wavy lid, Yellow river, FL, Seed from CPS seed bank 2003.
SRG2, Green Mutant Clone #1, stocky, white in lid, Yellow River, Florida, (PW, RG02), RG04 RvL 2005.
SRG3, rubra ssp. gulfensis, RG01 RvO 2005.
SRG4, rubra ssp. gulfensis, (lovely large deep red pitchers) Yellow River, Santa Rosa Co., FL, USA, S1f Best CP 2004.
RG1, Green heterophylla form, Yellow River, Florida, (W) (AH, MK RG1), RG03 RvL 2005.
RG8, Tall red Winter pitchers, plant collected from same site as F157, MK 2004.
RG9, Green heterophylla form, Yellow River, Florida, (W), MK 2004.

Sarracenia rubra subsp. jonesii

SRJ1, rubra subsp. jonesii, bulbous upper pitchers with red veining, 45-60cm high,  McClare's Bog (or McClure's Bog), N. Carolina, (RJ 01) PJ-Plants 2004.
SRJ2, rubra subsp. jonesii, Seed from Carnivora, 2004
RJ2, Green, anthcyanin free form, MK 2006.
RJ3, heterophylla, Etowah, (W) (JA), MK 2005.
RJ4 North Carolina, (WS) (PW), MK 2005.
RJ5, Pickens, South Carolina, (W) (PW), MK 2005.

Sarracenia rubra subsp. rubra

SRR1, rubra, Notcutts nursery / tissue culture 1997.
SRR2, rubra, seed from CPS seed bank 2003.
SRR3, rubra ssp. rubra, Green Swamp, Brunswick Co., NC, USA, S1c Best CP 2004.
RR4, Long lidded form, NC, WS (PW), MK 2006.

Sarracenia rubra subsp. wherryi

RW2, Yellow flower, Deer Park, Alabama, W, (AH). Exact size as Wherryi typical., MK 2004.
RW3, Yellow flower, Deer Park, Alabama, (W) (AP). Large stocky, MK 2005.
RW6, Yellow River Giant, 'BL' site, Tall pitchers, Apalachicola, AL., Chatom Giant, Alan Hindle, MK 2004.
RW11, Pink/yellow flower. Flower colour to be verified, W, (AM), MK 2004.
SRW1, rubra, ssp. wherryi, Chatom Giant large, RW02 RvL 2004.

Sarracenia Clones and Hybrid

H1 S. x mitcheliana x leucophylla (was known as 'God's Gift'). Mitcheliana shaped pitchers much whiter due to backcross. MK 2004.
H2 S. x 'Diane Whittaker' =(leucophylla x minor) x leucophylla) (Mike King's naming, awaiting registration as cultivar), Parentage excellens x leucophylla. Plants are tall with flushed pink where one would see white with leucophylla. This pink deepens with the 2nd crop of pitchers in autumn giving the plant a very striking appearance., MK 2004 and SH14 RvL 2005.
H4, S. x mitchelliana, deep dark maroon pitchers, MK 2005 and SH26 RvL 2005.
H7, S. x moorei 'Brooks Hybrid' Tall pitchers to 3 1/2 feet. Possibly one of the Tallest Sarracenia, MK 2004.
H7b, S. x moorei ‘Brooks Hybrid’, (labelled as S. flava Gulf x leucophylla) KN 2005.
H8, S. x moorei 'Marston select' = F maxima x L, (MK H8), SH24 RvL 2005.
H9, S. x moorei, Large moorei, (Sarracenia Nurseries / MK H9 2003), SH28 RvL 2006.
H11a, S. x 'Uncle Jim's Road', clone 1. A field collected hybrid between S leucophylla and S alata red lid., MK 2004/2005.
H17, alata red lid x flava, Striking red inner lids, MK 2005.
H24, S x moorei, Huge pitchers, throat goes a rich pink colour, predominantly pale yellow pitchers, (Marston Exotics clone according to RvL) MK 2005.
H26, flava Red tube x alata Red (All red), (SM), MK 2005.
H33, = A x L, yellow flower, white topped pitchers with alata shape, H33 MK, SH22 RvL 2005.
H35, S. x harperi, MK 2008.
H37, S. x 'Judith Hindle'. Hybrid created by Alan Hindle after his wife. Very colourful upper pitchers, MK 2004.
H40, S. x 'Victoria', MK 2006.
H43, x alata x leucophylla, W, very pale low pigment, W, (AM), MK 2006.
H44, S. x moorei, (=leucophylla red X flava var. rubricorpora) W, (AM), MK 2006.
H45, S x `Red Sumatra’, Botanique Nurseries, USA, MK 2007.
H46, S x
`White Sparkler’, Botanique Nurseries, USA, MK 2007.
H53, S x `Ladies in waiting’, MK 2008.
H54, S x `Evendine’, MK 2007.
H57, S x excellens, yellow flower, MK 2008.
H60, S. x `Mercury’, Sarracenia Nurseries, Chris Crowe, MK 2006.
H61, S x moorei, All red, (SM), MK 2008.
H62, S. x moorei, Mark Wesson, MK 2006.
H63, S x moorei, Green, Marston Exotics, MK 2007.
H65 ( AS3a), S. x 'Judy' = minor x excellens, pitchers have hood with windows and flared edges, MB/ MK 2004.
H66, S. x excellens, Slack, MK 2006.
H67 (AS22), S. x popei, =(rubra subsp. rubra x flava), Ex slack, MK 2004.
H70, x S. flava x S. x catesbaei, (Marston Exotics 1999), MK 2006.
H87, S x moorei, Pinkish top, Derek Clavell-Bate/Norman Parker, MK 2007.
H88, S x moorei, Red lip, Baker, Fl., W,(
H05 PW), MK 2007.
H89 S x moorei `Elizabeth’, 2007.
H90, Tall leucophylla hybrid, multiple cross, MK 2006.
H92, S x moorei, Very large, Norman Parker, MK 2008.
H100, S x `Flash’, (DC), MK 2007.
H101, S x ‘Hummer Hammerhead’ (DC), MK 2005.
H109, S x `Dana’s Delight’, (DC), MK 2007.
H122, S. x readii, RR X L, wild hybrid Ctenium fields, Perdido, FL, MK H122, SH35 RvL 2005.
H123, S. x moorei, F X L, wild hybrid Pensacola fields, FL, Mking H123, SH36 RvL 2005.
H126, S x ‘Dino Almacolle’ (rubra subsp. jonesii x minor var. okefenokeensis) Furio Ersetti, 2004, MK 2005.

SH1, S. x oreophila x alata (labelled as S. x oreophila x leucophylla hybrid), cream/yellow lowers, Marston Exotics / Notcutts nursery 1987.
SH2, S. x popei, = flava x rubra, (Chelsea 1996, Marston Exotics) CPS meeting at Wisley 2000.
SH3, S. x stevensii, leucophylla / rubra hybrid from Dutch tissue culture, Homebase, Staines 2001.
SH4, S. x catesbaei, = flava x purpurea, orange/yellow flowers, MV 2002.
SH5, S. x excellens, = leucophylla x minor, MV 2002.
SH6, S. x mooreana, = flava x leucophylla, red/orange flowers, MV 2002.
SH7, S. x wrigleyana, = leucophylla x psittacina, MV 2002.
SH8, S. x [oreo.x alata] x leuc. (=SH1xSL2), own cross 2001.
SH9, S. x leucophylla x oreophila, self pollinated, myself in 2000.
SH10, S. x popei x 'Brookes Hybrid', seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SH11, S. x moorei x flava #2, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SH12, S. x mitchelliana x leucophylla, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SH13, S. x 'Juthatip Soper' =(leuc. x purp.) x (leucophylla pink), cultivar created by Matthew Soper after his wife (Hampshire CP) and introduced into tissue culture by Carniflora 2004.
SH14, S. x catesbaei, seed from CPS seed bank 2002.
SH15, S. x catesbaei x alata, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SH16, S. x readii x leucophylla, (readii = farnhamii = leucophylla x rubra), seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
SH17, S. x Flava Maxima x alata, lightly veined with copper top, Sarracenia Nurseries / Chelsea 2004.
SH18, S. x catesbaei, near Pensacola, Escambia Co., FL, USA, S5l Best CP 2004.
SH19, S. x (L x M) x L, Striking large fall-pitchers, (BB), SH01 RvL 2005.
SH20, S. x mitchelliana = L x PV, Bulbous and very colourful clone, (BB), SH03 RvL 2005.
SH21, S. x mitchelliana, SL 2005.
SH22, S. x moorei, Marston Exotics/SL 2005.
SH23, S. x cv 'Dixie Lace', pitchers around 8 inches, SL 2005/ CPS open day.
SH23b, S. x cv ‘Dixie Lace’ (H23), 2005.
SH24, S. x flava red tube x alata red lid x flava red tube. NO 2005.
SH25, S. x ‘Brooks Hybrid’ x oreophila planted 2001. NO 2005.
SH26, S. x ‘Linda Butt’ x popei planted 2001. NO 2005.
SH27, S. x ‘Brooks Hybrid’ back crossed. NO 2005.
SH28, S. x mooreana, CR97 GH 2005.
SH29, seedlings from AS8, S. x excellens, 2005.
SH30, S. x alata hybrid, Carniflora 2004.
SH31, S. x leucophylla hybrid with white top (no red?), Carniflora 2004.
SH32, S. x swaniana, PV x M   Hans Luhrs, SH06 RvL 2005.
SH33, S. x areolata, A x L   Hans Luhrs, SH07 RvL 2005.
SH34, S. x unknown parentage - hybrid from Carniflora 2004.
SH35, S. x unknown parentage - tall catesbaei / flava hybrid, Carniflora 2004.
SH36, S. x hybrid like 'Bug Scoop', Carniflora 2004.
SH37, S. x (like) miniata?, Carniflora 2004.
SH38, S. x flava var. atropurpurea cv. 'Burgundy' x flava 'Maxima', SF71 AS 2005.
SH39, S. x flava var. cuprea x flava Clone1, SF63 AS 2005.
SH40, S. x hybrid with leucophylla, with nice colouring , RF-F10 AS 2005.
SH41, S. x cv ‘Ladies in Waiting’ (H53), Duncan 2005.
SH42, S. x catesbaei = Fl x PV, large, Carniflora 2003, SH27 RvL 2005.
SH43, S. x chelsonii, (=PV x R ru) Bert Blezer 2001, SH08 RvL 2005.
SH44, S. x catesbaei?, unkown seedlings from 2002.
SH45, S. x SH1 x SH6, seed KW, 2004.
SH46, S. x catesbaei x flava (F80 MK), seed Carnivora 2004.
SH47, S. x cv. 'Red Bug', JJ 2006.
SH48, S. x oreophila x leucophylla, nice colouration, TB 2007.

Adrian Slack Clones and Hybrids (aquired by Marstion Exotics in 1987)

AS1, S. x 'Daniel Rudd', A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS2, S. x 'Evendine', A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS3b, S. x 'Judy' (more of a flared hood with wings than Slack's from Mike King), A. Slack, 1987, H21 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS4, S. x 'Lynda butt', A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS5, S. x (alata 'Red lid' x flava var. atropurpurea) , A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS6, S. x (alata x willisii) , A. Slack 1987, H03, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS7, S. x (areolata X alata 'Red throat') , A. Slack 1987, Al07 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS8, S. x excellens =(leucophylla x minor), (62 cm tall) A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS9, S. x (x excellens x wrigleyana), Darlingtonia like pitchers, A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS10, S. x formosa =(minor x psittacina), white/pink beaked pitchers, A. Slack 1987, H19 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS11, S. x (leucophylla x catesbyi) , A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS12, S. x (leucophylla x popei) , A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS13, S. x (leucophylla x readii), A. Slack 1987, H27 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS14, S. x miniata, A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS15, S. x moorei, A. Slack 1987, H25 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS16, S. x moorei 'Marson Clone', A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS17, S. x (x moorei x readii), A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS18, S. x (x popei x flava 'giant form'), A. Slack 1987, PJ-Plants 2004.
AS19, S. x (rubra subsp. gulfensis x excellens), A. Slack 1987, H46 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS20, S. x (readii x excellens), A. Slack 1987, H41 PJ-Plants 2004.
AS21, S. x rehderi, A. Slack 1987, H42 PJ-Plants 2004.


Brocchinia reducta, GH 2005.
Brocchinia tatei (non-carnivorous), GH 2005.


Byblis liniflora, GH 2005.

Cephalotus follicularis

CF01, Marston Exotics 1985.
CF02, (BB 2001), CF01 RvL 2006.
CF03, "Giant", VS 2006.

Darlingtonia californica

Seed bank + Triffid nurseries 2003.
Carniflora 2004.
Bog garden incl. S. flava cuprea, MK Open day 2005.

Dionaea muscipula

DM01, Carniflora 2003.
DM02, Carniflora 2003.
DM03, 'Royal red', PJ-Plants 2004
DM04, "Cross teeth", GH 2005.
DM05, fused teeth, Carniflora 2004.
DM06, "Giant" /"XL", more than 6 years old, (TC) VS 2006.
DM07, "South West Giant", MK 2006.
DM08, all green form, All green giant form, traps 4-5 cm, (occasional >5 cm), DM08 RvL 2004.
DM10, Dentata, DM10 RvL 2004/Best CP 2002.
DM12, Sawtooth, DM12 RvL 2004.
DM13, 'Dentate' , clone X11, Best CP 2004.
DM14, Giant - clone I3, with fused teeth on summer leaves, Best CP 2004.
DM15, Giant - clone H3, arced traps, Best CP 2004.
DM16, clone B1, Best CP 2004.
DM17a-e, 'Akai Ryu', mix of clones, Best CP 2004.
DM18a-e, Mix of Giant Clones, Best CP 2004.
DM19, VFT Fang, JJ 2006.
DM20, Clayton's Volcanic red, JJ 2006.
DM28, 'Royal red' x 'all red', DM28 RvL 2004.
DM37, spider', traps grow vertical with petiole, (GS 2004), DM37 RvL 2006.
G12 All green form Graham Sadd, ST 2007.
G16, JJ 2006.
Sharks Tooth, ST 2007.
`Red Piranha’, ST 2007.
Ruby Red, ST 2007.
Red Dragon, ST 2007.

Green Dragon , TC 2004, MK 2007.
Red Fine Tooth, MK 2007.
Megatrap, MK 2007.

VFT1, MK 2007.


adelae, ‘Gigant’, Carniflora 2003.
admirabilis, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
alicae? or S. african rosette species with pink flowers on 30cm scapes, Seed from CPS seed bank labelled as hamiltonii 1999.
anglica, nr. Kranjsha Gora, source of Sava River, Triglavski NP., NW Slovenia, seed 2005.
anglica, nr. Mosovce, Turcianska Kotlina, W. Solovakia, Slovak Republic, seed 2005.
anglica, nr. Turcianska Teplice, W. Slovak Republic, 500m altitude, seed BCP 2005.
anglica, Sarobetu, Hokaido, Japan, seed 2005.
binata var. ‘T-form’, tissue culture 1990.
binata var. multifida, SN 1993.
binata var. multifida 'Pink flower', MB 2005.
binata var. dichotoma (giant), SN 1993.
binata cv 'Marston Dragon', RH 2005.
burkeana, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
capensis 'Typical', Marston Exotics originally 1985.
capensis 'Alba', seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
capensis 'All red', MC 2002.
capensis "Giant", large clone (approx. 30cm) from CK, VS 2006.
capensis 'Narrow leaf', Seed from CPS seed bank 2004.
capillaris, seed 2006.
cuneifolia, GH 2005.
collunsiae, GH 2005.
dielisiana, MC 2002.
filiformis var. filiformis, MVerdyk 2002.
filiformis var. filiformis, KW 2003.
filiformis var. filiformis, Batsto, Wharton SF., Pine Barrens, NJ. seed R-D4j BCP 2005.
filiformis var. filiformis red, GH 2005.
filiformis, 'California Sunset' - self pollinated, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
filiformis, x `Californian Sunset’, ST 2007.
DR12, filiformis var. tracyii, (BB), DR12 RvL 2005.
filiformis var. tracyii, GH 2005.
glabripes, seed from Triffid nurseries 2003.
intermedia, RvL 2004 + seed 2005.
intermedia 'Carolina Giant', Seed from CPS seed bank 2005.
intermedia, Floating islands, Sawannee C., Okenfenokee Swamp, Charlton Co., GA, (WS) seed R-D20r BCP 2005.
intermedia, Bass River State Forest, Pine Barrens, NJ, (WS) seed BCP 2005.
intermedia, Lebanon SF., Burlington Co., Pine Barrens, NJ, (WS) seed R-D20L BCP 2005.
intermedia, nr. Trebon, S. Bohemia, Czech Rep., 450m altitude, seed BCP 2005.
intermedia, nr. Chlum u Trebone, S. Bohemia, Czech Rep., 440m altitude, seed BCP 2005.
madagascariensis, GH 2005.
montana, ("Mountain Sundew"), seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
nidiformis, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
nidiformis, GH 2005.
prolifera, RvL 2005.
regia, Carniflora 2003.
rotundifolia, MVerdyk 2002.
rotundifolia, Triffid nurseries + Utrecht 2003.
rotundifolia, Benten Moor, Hokkaido, Japan, seed 2005.
scorpiodes, Carniflora 2004.
venusta, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
small South African rosette sundews, Seed from CPS seed bank 1997.
x beleziana = rotundifolia x intermedia, GH 2005.
DR18, x hybrida = filiformis subsp. filiformis x intermedia, DR18 RvL 2004.
x oblovata, RvL 2004.
x anglica x spatulata, VS 2006.
x intermedia x capillaris, GH 2006.

Pygmae Drosera

echinoblastus, gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.
x nitidula ssp. nitidula x pygmaea, gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.
paleacea, ssp. roseana, gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.
pulchella, (giant form / pink flower), gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.
pulchella, (red37B/red centre), gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.
pulchella, 'Faredale', gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.
x nitidula x pulchella, gemmae: Tamlin D. Dawnstar, USA, 2002.


HC1, chimantensis, GH 2006.
HE1, elongata, Ilu Tepui, 2007.
HE2, exapendiculata, Chimanta Tepui, flared pitcher form, UZ 2007.
HF1, folliculata, Kamarkaiwaren tepui (2700 m), Aparaman group, Wistuba 2007.
HH3, heterodoxa, Gran Sabana, DW 2006.
HH4, heterodoxa "klein", GH 2006.
HH5, heterodoxa, Gran Sabana (NP), 1970’s clone, 2007.
HH6, heterodoxa, Ptari Tepui, MW 2007.
HH1, hispida, Carniflora 2004.
HH2, hispida, Carniflora 2004.
HI1, ionasii, GH 2006.
HM1, minor, VS 2006.
HM2, minor, Mount Auyan-Tepui (the typical form of H. minor is only known from Auyan Tepui), Venezuela, DW 2006.
HM3, minor, Chimanta Tepui (H. minor plants on Chimanta are notable for the long and prominent bristles inside the pitchers = H. pulchella?), DW 2006.
HM4, minor "giant clone", Aonda, JN 2007.
HN4, neblinae, Wistuba 2007.
HN1, nutans, (white flowers) RvL 2005.
HN2, nutans, GH 2005.
[HN3, nutans, Tramen, DW 2006.]
HP1, pulchella, Enouoda Tepui, Chimanta, HPA-02-S 2007.
HP2, pulchella, Akopan Tepui, HPA-01-S 2007.
HP3, pulchella, GH 2006.
HP4, pulchella, 'black', wild collected seed from Amuri Tepui, UZ 2007.
HP5, pulchella, Akopan Tepui, MW 2007.
HT1, tatei var. tatei, GH 2006.
[HT2, tatei var. neblinae, Cerro Neblina, Brazil, DW 2006.]
H1, x heterodoxa x ionasii, DW 2006
H2, x nutans x ionasii, HE-20 GH 2007.

Nepenthes (lowland, 25-35 deg.C)

NL1, x 'Mixta' = northiana x maxima, pitchers spotted with spiky wings to 30cm (looks the same as photo on p147 of Insect Eating Plants, A. Slack), Paris, garden centre 2003.
NL3, bicalcarata, red pitchers to 15cm, Brunei swamp dweller with 60cm leaves, BE 2005.
NL4, gracilis, dark purple pitchers (2-3"), (37/44BE-0124/10.50) GH 2005.
NL5, truncata, (China lab) GH 2005.
NL6, albomarginata, red form (BAK14, cutting 24/05), GH 2005.
NL7, albomarginata, green form (BAK17), Malaysian lowland with 6" pitchers, GH 2005.
NL8, pervillei, (only nepenthes native to Seyshelles, 350-500m), GH 2005.
NL9, madagascariensis, L (can grow in int. cond.), (TC) VS 2006.
NL10, albomarginata, green form with red top (BAK13, 1605), GH 2006.
NL11, truncata, lowland form, BE/ Nepenti 2006.

Nepenthes (intermediate)

NI1, copelandii, easy, IH, GH 2006.
NI2, x campanulata x maxima (small grower), (L x IH), GH 2006.
NI3, x truncata x khasiana, (L x IH), GH 2006.

Nepenthes (highland 5-15/20-25 deg.C)

NH1, tobaica, green/copper, Utrecht Europatuin garden centre 2003.
NH2, x ventricosa enemis hybrid or ventrata, green spotted red, Carniflora 2003.
NH3, x 'Velvet', like N. maxima (intermediate) spotted purple / green pitchers, GH 2005.
NH4, x ventrata (lowland), all red pitchers, GH 2005.
NH5, x ventricosa x alata = x ventrata, GH 2005.
NH6, ventricosa, GH 2005.
NH7, ventricosa 'All Red', GH 2005.
NH8, ephippiata, bristles on underside of lid, green with red peristome, BE 2005.
NH9, gymnamphora, mottled green/red, BE 2005.
NH10, x inermis x bongso, dark purple pitchers, BE 2005.
NH11, sanguinea, dark purple pitchers, (BAK11, cutting 16/05), GH 2005.
NH12, sanguinea, dark purple pitchers, (BAK18, cutting 16/05), GH 2005.
NH13, x ventrata (lowland), GH2005.
NH14, mira, known as the “N. rajah” from the Philipines, easy, GH 2006.
NH15, ramispina, (BE opd1205/5) GH 2006.
NH16, maxima, easy, I-H, (TC) VS 2006.
NH17, xiphioides, new highland species from N. Sumatra, (TC) VS 2006.
NH18, eymae, (TT/ BE 13/12/05) AW 2006.
NH19, ramispina (TT/ BE 2004) AW 2006.
NH20, sanguinea, (TT/ BE 14/1/06) AW 2006.
NH21, sibuyanensis, (I-H) (TT/ BE 8/11/05) AW 2006.
NH22, talangensis, (HCP/ BE 13/9/05) AW 2006.
NH23, x muluensis x lowii, (HCP/ BE 4/11/05) AW 2006.
NH24, truncata, highland variety, (BE RHS show 2004) AW 2006.
NH25, maxima, I-H, Celsea Flower Show HCP 2006.
NH26, x 'Mixta' x maxima Giant, Celsea Flower Show HCP 2006.
NH27, x maxima x maxima, green, GH 2006.
NH28,  maxima, 2006.
NH29, x ventricosa x khasiana, 2006.
NH30, veitchii, 2006.
NH31, x burkei (male), red top and peristome to pitcher like ventricosa, 2006.
NH32, diatas, (BE) ASmith 2006.
NH33, x pilosa x veitchii, (JN 23/1/98) ASmith 2006.
NH34, aristolochioides, BE/ Nepenti 2006.
NH35, burbidgeae, BE/ Nepenti 2006.
NH36, densiflora, BE/ Nepenti 2006.
NH37, diatas, BE/ Nepenti 2006.
NH38, lowii, BE/ Nepenti 2006.
NH39, rajah, BE/ Nepenti 2006.
NH40, spectabilis, BE/ Nepenti 2006.


PA1, agnata, GH 2005.
PC1, cyclosecta, tropical Pinguicula with purple flower, Carniflora 2004.
PE1, esseriana, tissue culture 1990.
PE2, esseriana, Carniflora 2004.
PL1, lustitanca, seed from Triffid nurseries, 2002.
PM1, moranensis, tissue culture 1990.
PM2, moranensis, deep purple flower, GH 2005.
PM3, moctesuma, GH 2005.
PH1, x 'Wesser', (F1 or F2?) seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
PH2, x moctesuma x gigantea, GH 2005.
P1, unknown tropical Pinguicula, Carniflora 2004.


UA1, alpina, white flower with yellow centre, Carniflora 2003.
UB1, bisquamata, GH 2005.
UC1, calycifida, Carniflora 2003.
UC2, calycifida, Gran sabana', seed from Marco Craamer 2002.
UD1, delicatula, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
UD2, dichotoma, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
UL3, laterifolia, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
UL1, livida, `Durban`, tall white/purple flowers, Carniflora 2003.
UL2, longifolia, , purple flower, Carniflora 2003.
UM1, microcalyx, Carniflora 2003.
UN1, novae-zealandiae, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
UR1, reniformis, GH 2005.
US1, sandersonii, rabit ear flowers, Carniflora 2003.
UV1, violacea, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.
UT1, triflora, seed from Triffid nurseries 2002.


G1, x violacea x lobata, Carniflora 2004.


(WS) = originally from wild collected seed.
cv. = named / registered Cultivar
AH = Alan Hindle
AS = Aidan S., Hampshire, England.
ASmith = Andy Smith, England.
AW = Amori Watanabe, Milton Keynes, England.
BB = Bert Blezer, NL.
Best CP = Best Carnivorous Plants, Czech Republic.
BE = Borneo Exotics, Robert Cantley, Sri Lanka.
CK = Christian Klein, Germany.
CPS = Carnivorous Plant Society, UK.
DC = Dean Cook .
DW = David Waldron, Doncaster, S. Yorkshire, England.
GH = Gert Hoogenstrijd, Amsterdam, NL.
GS = Graham Sadd.
HL = Hans Luhrs.
JJ = Julie Jones, Truro, Cornwall, England.
JN = Joachim Nerz, Germany (
JV = Jan Visee, west of NL.
 KN = Kevin Neave, England.
KW = Keith Wilson (own collected seed).
MB = Mike Brooks, England.
MC = Marco Craamer, Amsterdam, NL.
ME = Marcus Erbacher.
MK / MKing = Mike King, Shropshire, England.
MS / HCP = Matthew Soper, Hampshire Carnivorous Plants, England.
MV / MVerdyk = Marc Verdyk, Chairman of Drosera, Belgium.
MW = Markus Welge, Germany.
 Nepenti = Lukas Kostiuk,, Poland.
NO = Nigel Owden, England.
PW =Phil Wilson, England.

RH = Robert Hindley, England.
RvL = Rogier van Loenen, s’HertogenBosch, NL.
RvO =Ries van Ool , S of Eindhoven, NL.
SL = Sheila Little, England.
SN = Sarracenia Nurseries, London, UK.
ST =Steve Tavern, England.
SWCP = South west Carnivorous Plants, or Little shop of horrors, Cornwall, UK
TB = Tim Bailey, England –
TC = Thomas Carow.
TT = Treesmill Tropicals, Simon Lumb, England.
UZ = Urs Zimmermann, Germany.
Wistuba =, Germany.

VB = Vic Brown, England.
VS = Valentin Schatz, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.
YV = Yorick Vermeulen, NL.

No plants are collected from the wild. All propagation is done artificially from division, rhizome cuttings or seed from artificially grown plants.
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