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Hungry Plants


Bog Utrecht

Carnivorous plants can be found growing in the wild even here in the Netherlands. Plants which are native to the Netherlands and northern Europe are the roundleaf sundew, Drosera rotundifolia, the Love Nest sundew, Drosera intermedia, more rare the Great or English sundew Drosera anglica and the Common butterwort, Pinguicula vulgaris. They can be found growing in any wet, boggy areas with nutrient poor soils, but are hard to spot as Drosera rotundifolia is only about 6 cm across and the less common Drosera anglica is upto 20 cm across. The sundews grow rapidly from april onwards, producing small white flowers in the summer and dying back to a resting bud in winter. In the Netherlands they can be found in bogs in places like the Campina.

You can also see carnivorous plants in artificial bogs at the Amsterdam Botanical Gardens, Utrecht Botanical Gardens and up on the canopy walk at Hortus Leiden.



No plants are collected from the wild. All propagation is done artificially from division, rhizome cuttings or seed from artificially grown plants.
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