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S Judy Welcome to the world of hungry plants! Carnivorous plants lure and trap insects, before slowly digesting them to satisfy their hunger. This helps them grow in sphagnum peat bogs were there is little plant nutrients. They have wonderful colours to attract their food and bizarrely adapted leaves to catch and eat it.

Sarracenia minor Carnivorous plants are easy to grow once you know where and why they grow. The following web pages will guide you through this. These plants can be obtained from Hungry Plants nursery, growers of Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula), Pitcher plants (Sarracenia), Cobra lilies (Darlingtonia californica), Sundews (Drosera) Butterworts (Pinguicula) and Bladderworts (Ultricularia).

Fly on Flava The plant collection, consisting of over 2500 plants in over 600 varieties, is currently housed in a large greenhouse, and a polytunnel. In addition hardy and native carnivorous plants are grown in an outdoor bog, and tropical varieties such as Nepenthes and Heliamphora, are grown and propagated in terraria.

We will have our next open days in July when the sarracenia pitchers are looking their best.

  see  Open Day

Personal visits to view the collection are very welcome, but please contact us beforehand to make an appointment.

Keith in polytunnel  S rubra gulfensis pitcher S1f

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No plants are collected from the wild. All propagation is done artificially from division, rhizome cuttings or seed from artificially grown plants.
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